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Strong bonding within the family brings harmony to our wines.

In every situation in life, best results are obtained through care. This is especially true when it comes to the vine.

To give the vine optimal conditions in which to grow, Erich Haas and his son Lorenz share responsibilities in the vineyard and cellar. Michaela Haas-Allram is responsible for the commercial side of the business and the family. The creative element of the family belongs to daughter Magdalena. Michaela’s father Walter Allram is still out in the vineyard on a regular basis and knows every single vine, even the oldest ones.

This combined knowledge of three generations shows the harmony within the family which is the root of a positive and forward-looking philosophy.

  • Erich Haas im Weingarten
  • Kamptal-Wanderung
  • Kamptal-Landschaft