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Erste Lage

Vineyard Classification 2010

1992 the ‚Association of Traditional Wineries Austria’ was founded with the ambitious goal to achieve at some stage a vineyard classification in the Danube area. In these days the quality of a wine was defined by the sugar content in the must. But it was discussed by the growers, that there is little wisdom involved in this idea. Everyone knows that you can make a great wine only out of a great vineyard. So the growers started to occupy themselves and observe their vineyards for the past twenty years before they started the classification process.

Due to the DAC development in Austria the idea of the origin of wine is now newly defined, but at the moment the concept of single vineyards is not included in the concept. As being the biggest supporter for the DAC concept the association is trying to offer a concluding concept for the future of the DAC development.

It was a historical moment for the association when the members were presenting in May 2010 after 20 years 52 vineyards which were classified as ‘Erste Lage’ (premier cru). On the labels and in catalogs the ‘Erste Lage’ wines are marked by the sign. The year of 2010 is marking the beginning of a classification process that is expected to last for at least another 20 to 30 years. In the future the 23 members of the association will try to include also other growers to participate in the classification process. It is acknowledged that the classification should be carried out by as many members as possible before the classification will be brought to a legal level.

The logo which is signifying the ‚Erste Lage’ status of a single vineyard is protected by copyright and can only be used by the members of the association. As the classification is based on the DAC regulation, only Grüner Veltliner and Riesling can carry the ‘Erste Lage’ sign.

Allram's Erste Lagen:
Our estate cultivates vineyards in the "Este Lage" Heiligenstein, Gaisberg and Renner.



Allram's Erste Lagen: