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Lower Austria

Great wines along the Danube.

Lower Austria is the Austria’s largest region, growing high-quality vines. It combines the diverse potential of different winery styles with indigenous varieties as well as international grape varieties, thus creating wines beyond compare. There are eight different wine growing regions to be found in Lower Austria, with evocative names such as Wachau, Kamptal and Carnuntum. They can be roughly divided into the following three climatic areas:

• the ‘Weinviertel’ in the north
• the ‘Donauraum’ to the west of Vienna
• Pannonian Lower Austria in the southeast

The famous ‘Weinviertel’ In 2003 the ‘Weinviertel’ hit the headlines when it decided to market its pride and joy, the piquant Grüner Veltliner, under the name of ‘Weinviertel DAC’. Since that time the term has been synonymous with a guarantee of finding the aromatic spiciness of a vibrant Veltliner within each bottle. A diverse selection of fresh white wines, fruity reds and even dessert wine specialties available from the ‘Weinviertel’ can be found under the Designation of Origin of Lower Austria.

Along the Danube, from Melk in the west downstream to Klosterneuburg to the east, passing the Kamp, Traisen and Krems tributaries, are picturesque wine villages lined like pearls on a necklace. Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are the flaghship wines of this area with both varieties displaying their regional typicality. These Include Kremstal DAC, Kamptal DAC and Traisental DAC. The steep primary rock sites of the Wachau evolve into loess terraces towards the eastern part of the adjacent Kremstal, which and also form the character of the wines in parts of Traisental and Kamptal, but particularly in Wagram, where Roter Veltliner has become another regional asset alongside Grüner Veltliner. In Kamptal, the wines contain a distinctive mineral touch, particularly on the Heiligenstein, with its volcanic soil structure. In this part of Niederösterreich, the range of wines are rounded off with specialities like the Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Chardonnay as well as a select range of elegant red wines.

Pannonian Niederösterreich refers to the region situated south and east of Vienna, and is home to some of Austria's most outstanding red wines

Text & maps : www.austrianwine.com

Weinland Niederösterreich (und Teile Wien bzw. Burgenland)
Weinland Niederösterreich (und Teile Wien bzw. Burgenland)