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The soil is a result of the dry and cold climate of the Ice Age. Due to the effect of glaciers producing a high pressure on the land, quartz, limestone, mica and clay particles were pulverised. These loess soils retain deep reservoirs of moisture and rarely suffer from dehydration. The heart of this vineyard is the “Mittelhasel”, with a gentle incline towards the south; it is where our vineyards are located. As this location has always produced above average quality, the wine growers of past times were known to say: “A wine vintner without any Hasel will never get a wife”. It is here where the strongest, thickest vines thrive - very ripe Grüner Veltliner, Grauburgunder and Chardonnay. Wines with a harmonious combination of strength, body, characteristic aromas and elegance are the result.