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Vintage 2010

The 2010 harvest is a vintage we'll remember for a long time. It brought Austria's lowest yield for thirty years, caused by frost, excessive coulure (poor fruit set after flowering) and fungal diseases. Consequently, the harvest...Read more

Vintage 2009

Vintage 2009 A year of growing wine has gone fast, as we have just finished our harvest of the 2009 vintage. Almost, that is, because we are still waiting on the right temperature for harvesting the ice wine grapes (minus 8...Read more

Vintage 2008

Vintage 2008 - a year for real winemakers Owing to the weather, the vintage of 2008 was a very challenging year ! Weather conditions 2008:The shoots came out very early this year (only six days later than 2007) followed by a...Read more

Vintage 2007

great fruit In our region, the grapes are harvested between September and November. All the grapes are hand-picked, filled in grape boxes and brought into the cellars for pressing. Basic information:Our middle-sized wine...Read more

Vintage 2006

The unpredictable year The weather changes were significant, even extreme. An especially long winter yielded plenty of snow (and with it, high humidity), followed by a spring that was just as wet and not very warm. But in...Read more

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