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Vintage 2008

Vintage 2008 - a year for real winemakers

Owing to the weather, the vintage of 2008 was a very challenging year !

Weather conditions 2008:The shoots came out very early this year (only six days later than 2007) followed by a very wet summer. This does not mean that it rained all the time, but the constant moisture in the year caused by repeated periods of precipitation and showers challenged every wine grower to the point where special care had to be taken in order to ensure the survival of the plants, timing each step of work that needed to be done in the vineyards. Occasionally, the air humidity went up to 80%, causing a pressure system that even the most experienced wine growers in town have not seen before.

One step in the right direction was planting things like red clover, which helped drying out the moisture from the ground. This was done as early as the end of May. It meant that we could still drive into the vineyards using tractors, and the grapes were saved from sucking up too much water from the soil. In the middle of August, this „green cover“ had been cut so as not to cause any more moisture to settle between the grapes. Thanks to all these (necessary) steps, we were able to produce a healthy, beautiful crop.

Harvest started on the 1st of October 2008 in the vineyard St.Laurent Gaisberg. Until the middle of October, the harvest went by relatively dry. Afterwards, however, a fierce fog took hold, often only disappearing in the early afternoon. This caused us to start harvesting our grapes only from middy onwards, so we could carry dry grapes into the cellar.

Harvest finished on the 7th of November, with our Grüner Veltliner grapes from the Gaisberg vineyards.

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