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Riesling Heiligenstein 1. ÖTW

Riesling Heiligenstein 1. ÖTW

ProvenanceKamptal DAC Reserve
Grape VarietyRiesling
LocationKamptal's most famous site, the Heiligenstein is where our Riesling vineyards are planted, naturally facing towards the south. This site is thought to be amongst the oldest geological formations within the region at approximately 270 million years old (Permian). A combination of primeval rock which has pushed through the surrounding area and the top soil consisting of weathered crystalline rock, volcanic and desert sands provide a fine mixture of minerals for the vines and, in addition, accumulate warmth within the soil. Between the vines the flora and fauna is similar to the southern and Mediterranean regions of Europe. At the preserved stone terraces a combination of soil, exposure, microclimate and the care of the vintner creates an authentic terroir Riesling.
VinificationFermentation at 19° C with the natural yeast from the vineyard
TasteinfoBrilliant golden yellow, nuances of pineapple and apricots, warm and ripe, underlying hints of honey, spice, white pepper, full-bodied on the palate , lively structure, ideal for long term storage
Serving SuggestionLobster, shrimps, white fish, crepes, carb dishes, sushi
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