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Riesling Gaisberg 1.ÖTW

Riesling Gaisberg 1.ÖTW

Grape VarietyRiesling
LocationThe Gaisberg is known as the little brother of Heiligenstein. Both hills are facing south towards the plain of the adjoining rivers Kamp and Danube. These vineyards are terraced on both sites, and similar ecological conditions prevail. The difference will be found when you go deep into the soil. The soil of the Gaisberg consists of "Gföhler gneiss" with vertical mica-schist structures. The soil is rougher and poorer than on the Heiligenstein, a geological condition, which makes it the perfect place to grow Riesling. Whereas, at the bottom part of the hill, this special type of soil is covered by a thin layer of loss, which enables us also to grow other varieties of grape. That’s where we have planted our Grüner Veltliner and St. Laurent vineyards, which thrive exceptionally in terms of quality year upon year.
VinificationFermentation at 18° C with the natural yeast from the vineyard, maturation on the fine lees
TasteinfoSmelling like vineyard peaches, apricot nose, a rich entry leads to a ripe, full-bodied palate with solid underlying acidity, has great cut and intensity.
Serving SuggestionFish, poultry, sushi
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