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Rosé Blauer Zweigelt

Rosé Blauer Zweigelt

Grape VarietyBlauer Zweigelt
Potential1-3 years
LocationThe grapes for the Rosé come from the vineyards Hasel and Sandgrube. In the Hasel the soil consists of pure löss, whereas in the Sandgrube a more rocky and dry type of earth is persistent. Both vineyards from where we get the grapes are south-facing and therefore receive optimal sunshine hours.
Both the grapes from the Hasel as well as from the Sandgrube vineyard stitch through great development of flavours in the grapes.
VinificationCold soak for a few hours, CO2 coverage,
Temperature controlled fermentation at 19°C
TasteinfoFragrant like meadow flowers, charming and frisky at the palate,
playful with a delicate mousseux, elegant and fruity
Serving SuggestionEasy and light cooking, fine fish, marinated sea fruits
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