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Our home, Kamptal in the heart of Lower Austria, has been characterised by a vibrant wine culture for centuries. We consider it our duty to work here, where we have been vinifying wine for four generations with high standards and an eye for detail from the very beginning.

But even if we analyse our soil to the last grain, if we judge every grape, every berry individually and if we equip our cellar every year with state of the art technology, at some point we depend solely on the whim of the wine. Because he will always keep his attitude and evolve according to his will.

We can stamp our wines with our signature and bottle them with the utmost care and the best conditions but nevertheless it’s nature that creates. To assist on this journey is our craftsmanship – skilful and proactive. A symbiosis, creating organic wines with longevity, that inspire with their lightest touch.

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How we perceive quality.


To us, quality is the most important attribute of wine making. Which is why we take the wine into our own hands, literally: throughout the year, we tend to our vines with our hands. Whether it is pruning in the winter, when we prune about 150,000 vines, or canopy management in the spring when we selectively break off shoots to aerate the grapes without depriving them of sun protection. We harvest exclusively by hand. Not only because it allows us to work more precisely and attentively, but also because it spares the plants mechanical stress. Only those grapes that are in optimal condition are declared good enough for further processing. We do this so that we feel good – and we are convinced our vines feel good too.

Loving nature

Our vineyards are rich with animal and insect species which form a balanced ecosystem. We give these ecosystems all the freedom they need. We do this because we are convinced that biodiversity in the vineyard is a part of the development of terroir in wine. We support the development of this diversity in a variety of ways: for example, bees and other beneficial insects profit from wild herbs and plants in our vineyard rows. By selective trimming of plants, we return biomass to the soil, which is then converted by worms and fungi into important nutrients - which in turn strengthen the vines. A wonderful life cycle of nature, which should be kept natural and without industrial pesticides.

Soil for generations

The soil in which our vines are rooted is the origin of all life and gives character to our wines. We use tractors in our vineyards as rarely as possible, for very good reason: We want to protect the soil on which our wine grows, meaning no unnecessary compacting and no interference with the life that takes place in it. The plants and organisms that have cultivated the soil long before us remain an integral part of the life cycle of our vineyards. Through targeted planting we ensure diverse species, and through fertilisation with our own compost from grape residues and green waste we strengthen the soil. In return, this is expressed in the wine - regardless of whether it grows on chalky “Löss”, clay or crystalline primeval rock.


Courageous and raised on solid ground.

Many individual and strong characters define the wines of the Allram family. A product of experience and skill. Courageous people united in family, not afraid to take decisions. This journey started with Walter Allram, who in the fifties dared to convert the farm into a winery and continued with Michaela Haas-Allram and Erich Haas who took over the winery and ventured into export. The attention to detail and quality was passed on to every generation. Today, Lorenz and his sister Magdalena are pursuing the passion for quality and are converting the winery step by step to organic farming.


A young vintner who brings tradition

to the present.

There is no time to stand still in winemaking. Wine is constantly evolving. Lorenz Haas-Allram is no different in that he is actively driving forward the evolution of his wines. It was thanks to an injury that Lorenz preferred spending time in the vineyards to soccer boots at a young age - and attended viticulture school. He studied in Austria and Spain and completed internships in Pfalz, Styria, New Zealand, South Africa and, finally, Wachau. New-world winemaking met traditional methods; science met passion. Since 2015, Lorenz has been in charge of the vinification at the family estate, while dedicating himself to the recultivation of forgotten vineyards on the steep slopes of the Strassertal - and readjusting every vintage year after year with a healthy dose of perfectionism.


Where great wines
are made.

Winery | History

Passion for what we do as well as hard work and a healthy dose of perfectionism have led us to where we are today: a proud family of wine makers and a member of the Association of Traditional Wineries Austria. This position has been strengthened further by receiving national and international awards - often in the context of our most important sites, such as Heiligenstein, Gaisberg or Renner. Courage to try out new things and strong family ties are our most important driving forces in order to produce wines of the highest standard. Today, we cultivate 30 hectares of vineyards, around the wine growing village of Straß on the gentle slopes of Kamptal.

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What was once a small farm with a couple of fields and vineyards was transformed by Walter Allram in the post-war period into a winery with about 12 hectares. At that time, Walter Allram took the distribution into his own hands and made sure that the name Allram became known throughout the region. In the eighties, the winery was split between Michaela and her sister. Michaela then took over the winery together with her husband Erich and made her dream of continuing the winery come true: A new winery was built, the “Heiligenstein” site was acquired, and 80 percent of the annual vintage was sold internationally. In 2015, Lorenz Haas-Allram marked the beginning of the next generation to take over the winery. By the way, Walter Allram, now 90 years old, is still in the vineyard every day … and he claims to know every single vine personally.

“Nowhere else do I feel as comfortable as I do in our vineyards. To me they are home, they are a joy and they offer a daily challenge.”


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